Elizabeth’s Story
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale

Single parent Elizabeth and the three kids currently live in a two bedroom apartment in north Tempe. Elizabeth currently works at a fast-food chain part-time and often struggles to make ends meet for her family. Despite this fact, she still is willing to donate her time to the Club by participating in our Parent Council that is designed to help other families in need and by her willingness to always lend a hand to the Club for community meetings.

All three of the kids attend the Club. For the past five years the Hartley & Ruth Barker Branch has served as a refuge for these children and continues to serve as a safe place for them and positive influence in their lives. After Christian’s participation in the Club’s leadership program, he took it upon himself at to look for employment to help their struggling family. At 17-years-old, Christian now works after school at the branch, helping tutor children at that branch with their homework, including his own little sisters. He was also named the 2010 Youth of the Year — the highest honor a Boys & Girls Clubs organization can give to one of its members.

Derrick’s Story
Boys Hope Girls Hope

Derrick spent many of his elementary school years moving from school to school and battling against some significant barriers within his own family. As a result, Derrick found himself behind in school and unable to achieve at the level that he was capable. As a freshman in high school, Derrick was enrolled in a local charter school, but found himself struggling and getting into trouble that began to impact his academic success. It was during the summer of his sophomore year that Derrick and his family were introduced to Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona (BHGH) and Derrick moved into the boy’s residential home.

As a sophomore, Derrick, with the help of BHGH, transferred to St. Mary’s High School. With the help of BHGH staff and the dedication of teachers at St. Mary’s, learning difficulties were diagnosed and assistance provided in the form of intense tutoring. Today, Derrick has a bright future and is currently excelling in his academic studies and playing a significant role on his team’s high school’s varsity basketball team. Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona helps academically capable and motivated children-in-need to meet their full potential and become men and women for others by providing value centered, family like homes, opportunities and education through college.

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