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Mail Address

Scottsdale 20/30 Club
8776 East Shea Boulevard
Suite 106-535
Scottsdale, AZ 85260



The foundation of the Scottsdale 20/30 Club is its Members. Through hard work and dedication, our Members consistently raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year for deserving children in our local community. Scottsdale 20/30 Members are young men between the ages of 20 and 39 who have proven themselves leaders in the community and have made a commitment to give back.

We are always looking for passionate and motivated people to join our organization. Our organization is capped at 50 active Members so we look for the best and brightest. If you think you could make our club better by getting involved, submit your information below and our VP of Membership will contact you.

Scottsdale 20-30 Interest Form

If you are interested in joining Scottsdale 20/30, contact us today. Questions about joining, club meetings, events, etc. will be answered below.

How many members are there?
The Club is capped at 50 Active members.

How do I become a member?
We are consistently recruiting new members and we encourage interested parties to contact our Vice President of Membership via the information submission box above.

How often does the Club meet?
The Club has a formal meeting once a month, typically held on the first Thursday. We attempt to set our calendar far in advance to help our membership schedule around their busy lives.  In addition to formal Club meetings, members are encouraged to be involved in Club events, which have separate committee meetings.

What are the financial commitments?
The Club has annual dues which are set within the Club’s by laws along with national dues set by Active 20/30 US & Canada.  Dues are invoiced on July 1 and payable by August 1.

What are the fundraising commitments?
The Club was established as a way for young professionals to raise money for children in Arizona.  Each Club member has a minimum fundraising goal set forth by the Board of Directors to maintain active membership in the Club.

What are the time commitments?
The Club expects all members to attend not less than 75% of all formal meetings. In addition, all of our members are expected to attend the Club’s major events.  Again, members are encouraged to be active within the Club, which may lead to involvement in event committees or even appointment to the Club’s Board of Directors (which have separate meetings in addition to formal Club meetings).

What committees does the Club have?
The Club’s Board of Directors is comprised of our elected officers and immediate past president and they are tasked with running the Club. We also have a membership committee of six members, all of whom are elected to consider new applicants and to set and maintain the standards for continued membership. Each of the Club’s three fundraising events require separate committees to handle logistics issues and all members are expected to serve on a committee.

Does the Club support other 20/30 Clubs?
Scottsdale 20/30 Club has developed strong relationships with many of the other local 20/30 Clubs and our members are encouraged to attend their events.

Does the Club have social events with other 20/30 Clubs?
The Club regularly meets with members of other Clubs for happy hours, fundraising competitions, and holiday parties. A number of our members also choose to attend the National and International conventions held each year, where they often forge strong friendships with other 20/30 Club members, promoting Club visitations and inter-club support.

What Charities Does the Club Support?
See our list of Charities.

How Does an Individual or a Business Become a Sponsor?
It could not be more simple or more rewarding. To join our community-conscious and generous sponsors, simply contact us.