If you are interested in joining Scottsdale 20-30, contact us today. Questions about joining, club meetings, events, etc. will be answered below.

1. How Many Members are There?

  • The Club has an established cap of 50 members.

2. How Do I Become a Member?

  • We are consistently recruiting new members and we encourage interested parties to contact our Vice President of Membership for more information on how to become a member.

3. How Often Does the Club Meet?

  • The Club has one formal meeting once a month, typically the first Thursday of the month. Our fundraising events impact our schedule, and we meet more often immediately prior to them. We attempt to set our calendar far in advance to help our membership schedule their busy lives. Despite our best efforts, meeting locations and dates may change, and additional meetings, including committee meetings, may be scheduled or the formal meeting may occasionally be dropped.

4. What is Provided at Meetings?

  • Food is always served during our formal meetings, but beverages are charged separately. Informal meetings often include food, but not the sit-down dinner service provided at formal meetings. Informal meetings usually have the Club picking up the tab for beverages but within reason. Informal meetings are often, well informal. At these informal meetings, in addition to Club business, members have been know to find themselves enjoying a barbecue or a baseball game or being involved in a billiards tournament, games of chance, pool parties, a night at the races, and even night golf.

5. What are the Financial Commitments?

  • The Club has annual dues which are set the by Club’s Board of Directors each year and National dues as well. Local and national dues are payable in July and each member is also expected to meet fundraising goals with regard to events throughout the year.

6. What are the Time Commitments?

  • The Club expects all members to attend not less than 75% of all formal and informal meetings. In addition, all of our members are expected to attend all major events. Members appointed to committees are also expected to participate in all related meetings.

7. What Committees Does the Club Have?

  • The executive committee, comprised of our elected officers and immediate past president, handles the running of the Club. We also have a membership committee of seven members, all of whom are elected to consider new applicants and to set and maintain the standards for continued membership. Each event usually requires a separate committee to handle logistics issues and new members are expected to serve on a committee during their first year of membership.

8. Does the Club Support Other 20-30 Clubs?

  • Actually, we have great relationships with the other 20-30 Clubs because of our support of them. The gentlemen of the Phoenix 20-30 Club and of the Glendale 20-30 Club and the Women of the Valley of the Sun 20-30 Club all host excellent events which our members enjoy attending. Combined, the other 20-30 Clubs in Phoenix raise hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for worthwhile, child-oriented charities. Who wouldn’t support their good deeds? Oftentimes, our members volunteer for these events, donate money towards their charities, and offer names of potential new members for their Clubs.

9. Does the Club Have Social Events With Other 20-30 Clubs?

  • The Club regularly meets with members of other Clubs for happy hours, competitions and holiday parties. A number of our members also choose to attend the National and International conventions held each year, where they often forge strong friendships with other 20-30 Club members, promoting Club visitations and inter-club support.

10. What Charities Does the Club Support?

  • See our list of Charities.

11. How Does an Individual or a Business Become a Sponsor?

  • It could not be more simple or more rewarding. To join our community conscious and generous sponsors simply Contact Us.