Active 20-30 International

Active 20-30 International had its beginnings in 1922 when young men in two widely separated communities of the United States saw the need for a service club for young men. These pioneers created clubs that shared the ideal that young men should have a chance to engage actively in service to their communities.

Scottsdale 20-30 was chartered in 1987 by five young, tenacious Scottsdale men who wanted to build a forum for people to give back to their community, with the named objective to support children’s charities. Since our inception, the Club has grown to a capped group of 50 members, has founded our own 503c foundation and has grown in to an organization that has raised millions of dollars for kids charities.By hosting special events, the Club draws the community together to raise funds for, and to educate our citizens about the financial, medical, and emotional needs of Arizona’s children.

Our Club differs from other service organizations in that we not only raise money for children’s charities, but also encourage “hands on” interaction with the children we support. This active participation serves to strengthen our relationships with those we serve, maintains motivation, and produces a high degree of personal satisfaction. Today the club continues its long tradition of raising money and supporting some of Arizona’s best children’s charities.