New NiteFlite 2013 Sponsor – Bevco Properties

Thank you to Bevoc Properties for your recent sponsorship of the NiteFlite 2013 Events! We look forward to seeing you there!

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Bevco Properties Website

Bevco Properties provides trustworthy, risk-free property management services to hundreds of Arizona renters in a variety of single family attached and detached houses and condominiums. Bevco has an experienced management team and has partnered with many of Arizona’s finest real estate professionals to provide a rewarding renting experience.

Bevco offers a comprehensive solution to investment property management services.  First, we directly purchase all of our homes.  Each home is then carefully inspected and a property rehabilitation plan is adopted.  Upon completion of the property improvement plan, Bevco employs a professional staff to answer all of your leasing questions.  After lease-up, Bevco also provides ongoing maintenance services to each home, ensuring that our tenants are happy in their new rental home.

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